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I work with people to help them convert transitions into transformations.


At the Tapestry Center for Integrated Living, my clients are ordinary people who have ordinary problems and want to create something extraordinary. They usually come to when they face major transitions in life. 


My clients are comfortable looking for solutions that integrate mind, body, and spirit.


Are some of these statements true for you?

  • I am facing a major transition in my life.
  • I am here, but I want to be there.
  • I am afraid of ______________.
  • I am smart and even hard working, but often I lack motivation or focus.
  • I want to take my career to the next level, but find inner resistance.
  • Sometimes I am running so hard and all I seem to be doing is to stay in the same place.

    Clients are more likely to be successful working with me when they are willing to convert transition time into transformation time. 

    You find you get tired by routine everyday pressures. Under normal circumstances, you would love what you do, but looking back you feel depleted in your career, relationships, or personal energy.

    You are doing “okay” but that’s not satisfying. You wonder how you can accelerate your learning, your career, your relationships, and bring real momentum back into your life.

    You have had success—maybe even a lot of it—but now you are feeling plateaued and want to bring yourself to the next level.

    You feel that you have strong parts—but you are frustrated that you haven’t been able to integrate all of your potentials—mind, body, and spirit—into a unified whole.

    You believe in possibilities. You approach problems with a willingness to seek solutions from a wide variety of sources.




Now take a moment to personalize the sentence below so that it reflects who you are at this moment. .

I want to accomplish (fill in the blank based on your needs) ___________, but am blocked by ___________. (List what you feel is your biggest resistance area.) 


Now you have just set a clear intention and direction. Setting a goal is more than half of the journey.


Now that you know the kind of clients I work with and the type of issues that can be resolved click here to see "How I Work."