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Peter J. Pizor, Ph.D. C.H. 
Creator of the Whole Brain 
Coaching System

Classes and consultations

Whole Brain Coaching Toolkit

This is a series of individualized one-to-one sessions that help you integrate your strengths, bundle them into a marketable format and to put them into action.The WBC Toolkit, in conjunction with Results Focused Hypnosis walks you through a period of intense coaching to take you to a significantly higher performance level.

Classes and workshops are offered on the following topics.

Introduction to Self-hypnosis (Taught in four sessions)

    Lose your fears and take control of your life using powerful self-hypnosis techniques.

Introduction Whole Brain Coaching (a 2 hour workshop)

    This workshop introduces the fundamental concepts of integrating mind-spirit-body as a way converting life's transitions to personal transformation.

Connected Communications (Taught in four sessions)

    Designed especially for speakers, sales professionals, and others who need communication skills that engage and connect.

Many people come to the Tapestry Center concerned about resolving a
specific issue.

Results Focused Hypnosis can help you with challenges such as these. Review the

below and call to discuss your situation.
















































Anger issues






Pain management












Athletic performance






Public speaking





















Children’s issues









Confidence at work









Difficulty with






Stage fright









Smoking cessation



Social confidence






Sexual issues



Identify and
  eliminate bad habits






Sports improvement


(Distance running,
  golf, tennis)



Keep resolutions






Study effectiveness









Test anxiety









Weight loss



 And more…