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Peter J. Pizor, Ph.D. C.Ht. 
Speaker, author, and learning guru.
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Each session is designed with your results in mind. At Tapestry Center we take time to find what you want and then use the most reliable breakthroughs from scientific studies of the brain, positive behavior change, and the most professional practices in hypnotherapy,

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Professional Environment


Easy to Find Location


Confidential Services that Get Results!


Hypnosis Professional with National Certification


Reasonable Rates


Real 1-to-1 Hypnosis Sessions, No Recorded Sessions


No Headphones
Learn how to create a better life through diet, exercise, and meditation.

You will experience...

Professional coaching in a comfortable one-on-one online environment.


Specializing in helping students and educators improve learning outcomes.

If you are like most people these are just wishes and you keep coming back to them, but not doing anything. Wouldn't it be great if there were safe and effective ways to start today?

If so read over the articles on my website and take away valuable tips to help you cope with the challenges of today.

My work is about unlocking the possibilities in your life. Using the enormous power of self-change you can learn the secret to unblocking the fears, doubts and uncertainties that keep you from attaining what you want.

Learn how to change your mind...for the better.

These are typical issues we all face. 

Learn how an integrated mind-spirit-body approach can help you focus, accomplish, and enjoy your life.

Providing strategic advice to leaders who want to create positive change in their lives, their careers, and  organizations.